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Digitization of business processes allows you to see all the necessary reports and make the right management decisions for the future in time, thanks to the collected and processed information, you can rely on specific figures and data
The service allows you to manage your business more efficiently, keep track of financial indicators and resources. Besides, Bimp is a Ukrainian company with Ukrainian roots and team
This is a professional tool not only for accounting but also for control. Even now, it makes it easier to manage a business, and this is just the beginning, the product is actively developing. If, for example, we are compared to 1C, we are much more user-friendly and technologically advanced.
There are various products that can help set up all the work with management and accounting, but before the war, more than 70% used Russian software. One of these products, but Ukrainian, is Bimp, which was launched in December 2021.
Bimp took over the warehouse management and accounting processes in time, which most Ukrainian e-commerce businesses had previously been doing in Russian 1C or MoySklad
Bimp is suitable for all managers and business owners who want to easily analyze their companies' key performance indicators and see the big picture in real time
Bimp is a Ukrainian resource and financial management service for small and medium-sized business owners. Since many Ukrainian businesses still use 1C and other Russian software, the Bimp team began to advise businesses on fast and secure data transfer.

Learn how our customers achieve more

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Oleg Piddubny

Founder of Colorit

“We used to  have a 1C system, but we moved away from it and looked for an alternative. We found the Ukrainian developers of the Bimp service.

The program takes into account all our needs. And it's not just a commodity business, but also an office warehouse, customer base, wholesale/dealer prices, retail - we have a lot of things, but Bimp can handle it.”

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Pavlo Spitsyn

Co-founder of 3 Champs Roastery

“We were using one program, but it couldn't meet all our needs, so when Bimp appeared on the horizon, we switched to it. We are glad that it is a Ukrainian product.

Everything is user-friendly - from creating invoices for customers, financial statements to the movement of goods. It's a system that automates your business and makes your life easier.”

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Klyment Matyunin

Founder of Oycha

“Bimp covers warehouse accounting at Oycha, product availability accounting.
Allows you to analyze the situation, quickly update data”

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Oleg Yushkov

Founder of beclean

“It was important for us to optimize our work with commodity accounting, as it was our weak point. Before Bimp, we used a system that helped only with financial accounting.

But we needed to close issues with production, warehouse, component counts, etc. So we started looking for a new platform and found Bimp.”