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Modern ERP
platform Bimp

for medium and small businesses

Automate your business without pausing it!
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    6 countries
    are using BIMP
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    11 years
    of experience in implementing ERP
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    17 years
    in the financial sector
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    6 countries
    are using BIMP
  • icon
    11 years
    of experience in implementing ERP
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    17 years
    in the financial sector
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Everything for managing

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Track the chain of interactions with counterparties - from receipt of an application to its execution.
Change and add information in a few clicks.
Intuitively simple functionality that helps to:

  • conduct counterparties by status, sales funnel;
  • find the necessary data of suppliers and customers in a few seconds;
  • automatically download company data according to the EDRPOU (National State Registry of Ukrainian Enterprises and Organizations);
  • link the entire document flow for the counterparty to his card.


Monitor the status of applications, payment details, accounts receivable and other important information.
The user-friendly system provides an opportunity to:

  • track and record supplier payments;
  • form the automatic prime cost of goods based on supplier requests;
  • upload information to the payment calendar;
  • warn about the need to pay or collect receivables on time.


Turn your sales process into a sequence of automatically tracked processes. Monitor the indicators and adjust them accordingly. These features will help:

  • get access to a convenient sales office;
  • monitor statuses to understand at what stage the shipment of goods or the provision of services is;
  • combine data of counterparty companies with different forms of ownership;
  • display sales analytics for the day, week, month, year.


Do you need to keep warehouse records, register receipts and shipments, take inventory, print documents, and always know the real balances and expenses?
With Bimp's functionality, you can:

  • control the movement of goods in terms of warehouses, work planning;
  • take inventory and create reserves of goods;
  • work with the assembly activities, manage prices;
  • perform automatic calculation of the prime cost;
  • automatically write off balances in the process of sales and production;
  • be warned in advance about remains.


Create reports on all areas of activity. Convenient and visual display in the form of diagrams, graphs, tables:

  • get reports on individual projects, clients, remains or consolidated reports of your business;
  • create reports in a few clicks;
  • synchronize data with the payment calendar;
  • compare monthly, quarterly, annual reports to clearly see the result of activities.


Implement an automated financial accounting system that captures any changes and displays statistics in a convenient form:

  • track prime cost, earnings and balance write-offs;
  • maintain full financial reporting: P&L, cash flow, mutual settlements, and more;
  • see the real cost of the produced products, taking into account all expences;
  • control growth points by optimizing key parameters.


Set up a simple and comfortable payroll system taking into account sales plans and KPIs:

  • automate the transfer of key data for salary calculation;
  • reduce the loading on the accounting department;
  • synchronize information for each employee;
  • check the implementation of the plan without leaving the salary section.


Form online points of sale, cashier locations in a few minutes. Create receipts, add products, make payments directly in the system:

  • get a convenient tool for making and controlling sales;
  • automate key functions: scanning, selling, writing off;
  • keep track of inventory balances, reserve and order goods in one section; / monitor stock balances, reserve and order goods in one section
  • update your system and get access to new tools.


Optimize the production process, combine key processes, set up timely write-offs, check balances, calculate cost and price of goods:

  • calculate the prime cost automatically, taking into account not only production, but also assembled products;
  • receive a warning about the low balance of raw materials, parts in the warehouse through a convenient telegram bot;
  • track different productions and stocks in one click;
  • set up necessary blocks and functions, disable unnecessary options.

Work accurately and easily

Manage your finances quickly and efficiently

Analyze accurate financial indicators of the company's work:

  • automatically form the prime cost of goods and accounting of money by items of income and expenses, counterparties, loans, accountable persons, payment calendar;
  • generate reports on expenses, P&L, cash flow, dividends received, debts, cash balance, and salaries;
  • use integrations with the necessary payment systems.

Get accurate information on the warehouse

Create and control your company's warehouses and points of sale at any time:

  • get an automatic calculation of the prime cost;
  • write off balances in the process of sales and production;
  • track the availability of goods;
  • be warned in time about low balances.

Get clear and correct analytics

Save time by generating reports in a few clicks:

  • generate accurate general reports for the month, quarter, and year for each of the areas;
  • track financial growth and loss points;
  • forecast income and expenses in the company.

Control the prime cost of production

Optimise your production cycle and manage your operations more efficiently:

  • control production expenses and their deviations;
  • quickly identify the main causes of cost deviations;
  • be notified in advance of the end of raw materials in the warehouse.

Track real financial performance

Maximize resources and increase the company's financial results:

  • keep track of key indicators that affect profit growth;
  • monitor key indicators that warn of low prime cost;
  • monitor the growth and loss points of all financial indicators.
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What is planned in development

What is planned in development

A wide range of areas
that have been automated with Bimp

Due to the possibility of customization of the platform, Bimp can be adjusted to the business processes of different areas of activity

  • Logistics


    Improving the efficiency of logistics services, eliminating the need to automate transportation pricing, and importing the terms of logistics contracts.



    Get a realistic picture of your net profit and understand how much you actually earn. Keep track of goods, money, expenses, payments to suppliers, payroll, control the prime cost and average bill.

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    Registration of operations for the assembly and disassembly of goods, control of the movement of components, prime cost and planning of material requirements.

  • B2B trade and retail


    Warehouse accounting, registration of receipts and shipments, inventory, printing of documents and a real picture of balances and expenses.
    Control all business processes: from logistics to sales.

    Service center


    Improving relationships between departments, preventing duplication and misinterpretation of data, and ensuring the integration of people, processes and technology across the service business.

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    Estimating, profit and loss management in construction, planning to control receipts, construction time and materials supply.

BIMP successfully integrates
with a variety of systems

Use various integrations to make your work convenient and fast

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Choose your start to BIMP

  • Subscription fee

    for 1 user per year

    $264 $348 per year
    per month
    $348 per year
    per month
    $348 per year
    per month

    Get an extended set of key tools for growing companies:

    • online support chat;
    • access to the main functionality of the Bimp ERP system;
    • storing data on remote secure servers;
    • automatic system updating.
    Try it
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  • Customized implementation

    Implementation timeframe and cost are estimated individually for your business

    Order a customized implementation BIMP ERP platform for medium‑sized businesses:

    • data migration from other systems: 1C, BAS, MoySklad, SAP, etc;
    • analysis of business processes: warehouse, logistics, finance, production, CRM;
    • development and implementation of management accounting;
    • integration with banks, services, and applications;
    • employee training and reliable support.
    Read more

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Privacy and security
of data you can rely on

BIMP uses comprehensive security and privacy programs to protect the organization's work.

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    We use 256-bit
    Class A+ SSL encryption

    This is the latest security standard used by international banks.

    Encryption protects both data transmission from the user and data transmission within the data center.

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    Data is duplicated and stored simultaneously on different servers

    We work in the cloud, with data stored in secure global data centers.

    All passwords are stored in an encrypted form and are visible only to the account owner.

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    Only you can access your account data

    When customers need help within the service, employees provide temporary access.

    A Bimp support employee helps under the user's supervision and then disables access.

Team of professionals

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  • team
  • team
  • team
  • team
  • team
  • Volodymyr Zherdev

    Project Manager

  • Maryna Falko


  • Dmytro Yevchenko, Co‑Founder

    Co-founder of a trading, manufacturing and IT company.
    8 years of experience in creating production processes. Graduated from DYB club with a business degree.

  • Dmitry Obukhov, CEO

    17 years of experience in architecture design, development and implementation of financial, warehouse and production accounting systems.
    8 years of experience in forming project teams and managing project development.

  • Yulia Dyryavko, CFO

    15 years of experience in management accounting and integration.
    10 years of experience as a financial director in a trading and manufacturing company. She holds an MBA degree and an AMBA certificate.

  • Anatoliy Samoilenko

    Head of front-end
    development department

  • Serhii Diorditsa

    Head of Integration

Media write about us

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Digitization of business processes allows you to see all the necessary reports and make the right management decisions for the future in time, thanks to the collected and processed information, you can rely on specific figures and data
The service allows you to manage your business more efficiently, keep track of financial indicators and resources. Besides, Bimp is a Ukrainian company with Ukrainian roots and team
This is a professional tool not only for accounting but also for control. Even now, it makes it easier to manage a business, and this is just the beginning, the product is actively developing. If, for example, we are compared to 1C, we are much more user-friendly and technologically advanced.
There are various products that can help set up all the work with management and accounting, but before the war, more than 70% used Russian software. One of these products, but Ukrainian, is Bimp, which was launched in December 2021.
Bimp took over the warehouse management and accounting processes in time, which most Ukrainian e-commerce businesses had previously been doing in Russian 1C or MoySklad
Bimp is suitable for all managers and business owners who want to easily analyze their companies' key performance indicators and see the big picture in real time
Bimp is a Ukrainian resource and financial management service for small and medium-sized business owners. Since many Ukrainian businesses still use 1C and other Russian software, the Bimp team began to advise businesses on fast and secure data transfer.

Learn how our
customers achieve more

изображение автора отзыва


Oleg Piddubny

Founder of Colorit

“We used to  have a 1C system, but we moved away from it and looked for an alternative. We found the Ukrainian developers of the Bimp service.

The program takes into account all our needs. And it's not just a commodity business, but also an office warehouse, customer base, wholesale/dealer prices, retail - we have a lot of things, but Bimp can handle it.”

изображение автора отзыва


Pavlo Spitsyn

Co-founder of 3 Champs Roastery

“We were using one program, but it couldn't meet all our needs, so when Bimp appeared on the horizon, we switched to it. We are glad that it is a Ukrainian product.

Everything is user-friendly - from creating invoices for customers, financial statements to the movement of goods. It's a system that automates your business and makes your life easier.”

изображение автора отзыва


Klyment Matyunin

Founder of Oycha

“Bimp covers warehouse accounting at Oycha, product availability accounting.
Allows you to analyze the situation, quickly update data”

изображение автора отзыва


Oleg Yushkov

Founder of beclean

“It was important for us to optimize our work with commodity accounting, as it was our weak point. Before Bimp, we used a system that helped only with financial accounting.

But we needed to close issues with production, warehouse, component counts, etc. So we started looking for a new platform and found Bimp.”

Build your career
with Bimp!

and grow professionally!

Hundreds of companies are becoming better thanks to our IT solution. Working with us is the best way for your professional growth.

We are waiting for you in our team!

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Kyiv, 7 Okhtyrsky lane
BC FORUM, building 1H, 1rd floor
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Frequently asked questions

  • What is BIMP?

    Bimp is a comprehensive ERP for managing business and financial results.

    We help control key areas: logistics, warehouse, manufacturing, sales, and finance. We use cloud technologies and artificial intelligence for the global analysis of complex data from different companies.

  • What are the benefits of cloud ERP?
    • Transparency. The company's business processes can be monitored 24/7. This allows you to control the work and make decisions based on up-to-date data.
    • Automation. Unified reporting and the introduction of common standards allow you to create reports in the shortest possible time. There is no need to waste time on manual collection and processing of information.
    • Planning. ERP Bimp allows you to analyze data qualitatively, compare many indicators, and find non-obvious patterns.
    • Improving the quality of customer service. The system stores the entire history of customer interaction. Employees can quickly obtain the necessary information to provide a detailed answer to a customer's question.
    • Productivity growth. Thanks to automated access to data, many routine processes become unnecessary, and communications are accelerated.
    • Optimization of work with suppliers. The ERP system allows you to see real-time inventory levels, order fulfillment times, and easily assess the quality of suppliers' work.
  • What industries is the system suitable for?

    We implement business optimization projects of any complexity.

    Bimp is primarily suitable for the following industries: trade, construction, logistics, manufacturing, service business, and HoReCa.

  • How long does it take to get started?

    The timeframe for implementing Bimp depends on the functionality your business needs.

    For a small business, 1 month is enough, for medium and large businesses - from 3 to 12 months.

  • What are the functional features?

    ERP Bimp covers all key business processes:

    • Warehouse accounting. Movement of goods by warehouse, cost of goods in different currencies, kits, modifications, inventory.
    • Production accounting. Specifications and technical cards, planning, orders, costs, production analysis.
    • Financial accounting. By income and expense items, by accountable persons, by loans, by counterparties, payment calendar, client banking, etc.
    • Customer management. Leads, general database and customer profiles, sales funnel, contacts.
    • Interaction with customers. Orders, sales, expenses, purchases, sales.
    • Additional processes. Accounting for fixed assets, salaries, functionality for accounting for dropshipping, retail, access roles.
    • Analytics. Indicative dashboards and reports.
  • Is it possible to keep accounting records in Bimp?

    Bimp is a management accounting system, but we can integrate with any accounting system.

    Expense report, P&L, settlements with buyers and suppliers, cash flow, dividends received, overdue debts, cash balance, salary - all these documents can be easily generated in Bimp. In addition, we will help you not only implement financial reporting but also set up all financial processes.

    Importantly, Bimp is a comprehensive IT ecosystem for business, not just financial accounting. This is our main advantage over conventional accounting systems.

  • How to start working with Bimp?
    • Step №1: Acquaintance and analysis. We scan your business processes — from warehouse work to accounting. This stage will provide an opportunity to understand how Bimp will help automate business operations.
    • Step №2: Offer preparation. We are preparing a plan for the implementation of the software product. We work through the blocks: warehouse, production, finance, work with counter-agents, sales. We indicate the number of hours and the cost.
    • Step №3: Contract and payment. We sign a contract with a specific list of our obligations. Prepayment
    • Step №4: We are collecting requirements for implementing Bimp. We are gradually collecting all the necessary requirements for product implementation. We analyze each business process in detail.
    • Step №5: Technical task. We prepare a detailed technical task, where we describe the functionality you need. We take into account individual wishes for the implementation of turnkey ERP.
    • Step №6: Implementation of Bimp. We implement Bimp in accordance with the Terms of Reference. We customize ERP in such a way that it is as efficient as possible.
    • Step №7: Training. We train your employees who will use Bimp.
    • Step №8: Support. The Bimp Care Service will always be in touch with you online. We can quickly resolve any issue.
  • What is the format of usage and how much does it cost?

    The client uses the product according to the classic Software as a Service (cloud) model.

    The client is provided with ready-made software, which is maintained by the Bimp team as a subscription. Thanks to its cloud-based architecture, Bimp provides analytics capabilities that are unavailable even to locally operating giants, helping companies make effective decisions, adapt to market conditions, and ensure sustainable growth.

    • Subscription cost is $29 per month for 1 user, you get access to all Bimp features.
    • When connecting for a long period, discounts of 5-20% apply.
    • Bimp can be adjusted to certain business processes of the company, individual modules, reports, etc. can be added. Such improvements are evaluated separately by a team of business analysts. The cost of an analyst's work is $35/hour.
  • Do you guarantee the security of my data?


    • All data is transmitted exclusively over an encrypted connection using a 256-bit Class A+ SSL certificate. This is the latest security standard used by international corporations and banks.
    • Workers do not have access to customer data. When customers need help within the service, they are given temporary access. A support worker logs into the account under the supervision of the user, helps, and then the user disables access.
    • All passwords are stored encrypted and only the account owner can see them.
    • A full data backup occurs every two hours. Copies are kept for one week in order to restore the account within an hour in case of force majeure. At any time, you can delete all data or download to Excel in 2 clicks.
  • What services and applications do you have integrations with?

    Bimp has more than 100 ready-made integrations: CRM, СMS, marketplaces, analytics, banks, delivery services.

    We help with settings and implement any custom integrations you need.

    Popular integrations include: Checkbox, Ebay, OpenCart, Etsy, Horoshop, Keycrm, Poster, PrestaShop, Prom, Rozetka, Sales box, Salesdrive, Shopify, Turbo SMS, Zoho people, Keepincrm, Nova Poshta.

  • Is it possible to adjust the functionality for my business processes?


    Bimp has a modular architecture, so we have the opportunity to adjust the ERP functionality to your individual business processes.

    We can add additional modules that you will need.

  • How to switch from another ERP to Bimp?

    The first priority for the Bimp team was to organize the right data migration to be able to switch to our ERP from another product.

    We have a ready-made step-by-step strategy to transfer information to Bimp quickly and painlessly for your business processes.

Control the cost

and expences in a few clicks

  • Our clients monitor the real picture of the business every day
  • Adjust key indicators
  • Increase their profit
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